Walking on Isle of Eriska

Eriska itself is a 300 acre paradise for those simply wishing to wander. It is easy to do - simply walk till you meet the sea, turn left or right and when you reach the bridge or the Pier simply head back to the main house. Alternatively pick up a map of the island and guide yourself around using the white posts which mark the trails and stop off at the information points to learn about the flora, fauna and wildlife as you explore Eriska.

The Easy One

Easy Walk

Mainly flat, and will not require much preparation. You can walk down to the pier, across the golf course, or past the driving range, walking towards the west side of the island. Terrain is mainly flat with accessible paths.

The Moderate One

Moderate Walk

The moderate option would take you down to the heronry, back up to the cairn and down the path above the hotel.

The Scrambly One

Scrambly Walk

Takes you along the shoreline on the west side of the island and down towards Mrs B's house. For this walk, keep an eye on the tides!

Remember to:

  • Dress for the weather
  • Tell someone where you are going
  • Enjoy the Scenery!

Eriska is surrounded with magnificent mountains with several Munros within sight of the front door giving a sense of peace and quiet when strolling around the island. Alternatively if you are looking for leisurely strolls there are plentiful walks within a short distance of Eriska whether it be the circular walk round the Island of Kerrera or the energetic climb up Ben Cruachan, the office at the hotel can offer guidance.