Hilltop Reserves

Eriska’s Hilltop Reserves are situated just a short walk up the hill from the main Hotel, overlooking incredible views out over Loch Creran and onto the beautiful island of Lismore and beyond.

Each Hilltop Reserve is individually designed and have ample space for 2 persons to relax in seclusion on our private island. They are fully equipped, luxury properties which can be booked on a self-catering or bed and breakfast basis with breakfast enjoyed at the hotel.  Please note due to the location room service is not available within the reserves.  The Hilltop Reserve are perfect for a break from the city, or a peaceful time away throughout the year. Guests staying at Eriska Hilltop Reserves are also welcome to use the Isle of Eriska Hotel, Golf Course, Driving Range, Swimming Pool and Leisure facilities, and explore the private island of Eriska.

Eriska Hilltop Reserves offers unrivalled luxury complemented with incredible views of the Isle of Eriska on the west coast of Scotland



Eriska's Hilltop Reserves 10 Year Membership

Our 10 Year Package cannot be booked online and must be booked directly with the Isle of Eriska Hotel. We have limited availability remaining of this special offer - purchase 70 nights on a self-catering basis over 10 years at Eriska's Hilltop Reserves for £12,000, an average nightly rate of £172 for two person self-catering.  This can be redeemed in any length of stay up to 21 nights per year subject to availability.

Unlike other opportunities, you simply pay once and enjoy:

You can book and stay at any time throughout the year excluding Christmas, New Year and any special events.