Eriska Wildlife

As far as wildlife is concerned there is no limit to the species you may observe in their natural habitats. Seals can be seen anywhere round the island, so can Roe Deer, and even on occasion Red Deer.

WacheOtters particularly can be seen from Rowan Tree Point and to the West. To celebrate our 40th Anniversary we decided to mark it by adding a permanent new "Guardian of Eriska" in the shape of a life-size bronze sculpture. Wache (old Scottish for 'eternal watcher') was made by bronze sculptor Kenneth Robertson and sits on Otter Point at the west side of the island. Named by Dr Jo Thomson, Wache holds tree roles as the guardian of Eriska: to guard the entrance to Loch Creran, to encourage otters to the shores and to offer a sighting spot for visitors coming to Eriska. 

If you're fortunate you may see a Golden eagle soaring over Morvern to the west. The heronry is located in the tall trees to the north at Rowan Tree Point but expect to see herons everywhere. Sea birds proliferate particularly towards the southern tip of the island at shell point.

Badger sets are numerous and we have marked one on the eastern slopes. 

Badgers live in groups of up to 14 adults. They dig out and live in a maze of underground tunnels and chambers called a ‘sett’. The main sett is occupied all year round and is a permanent home. These homes are sometimes as old as 100 years, and have several extensions used especially between January and March when the cubs are born.

The Protection of Badgers Act (1992) says it is an offence to kill, injure or take a badger, or to damage of interfere with a ‘sett’ unless a licence is obtained from a statutory authority. 

In the evenings Bertie and the badgers come to visit the front steps of the main house. Bertie has an extended family of 60 and has been dropping by the hotel for milk and bread in the evenings for several years.